• Black Power Epicenter (map)
  • 6218 Beacon Avenue South
  • Seattle, WA, 98108
  • United States

About the workshop:

A major tension for writers of color is the idea of audience: are we writing for our communities or are we writing to explain our communities to others? Do we translate words that can best be expressed in another language or behaviors that are not “typical” of the American mainstream? How do we establish complex characters of color when too often the default is read as white?

After a successful pilot at Hugo House, we are continuing to explore these questions in a series of workshops in partnership with the Black Power EPICenter and supported by smART Ventures. In this workshop, we will generate writing as well as learn from one another about the task of character development, how to use language as play, and what it means to take on the responsibilities of an author. Join us twice a month for this 2 hour writing space for writers of color!

Workshop occurs every 2 weeks from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesdays from Tue Oct 4 to Tue Nov 1.