“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...” –Cesar Chavez

A flame was sparked in 2014 at the Hack the Central District Cultural Innovation Conference (“Hack the CD”). Great minds convened to tackle issues affecting their community and, as a result, many noteworthy solutions were introduced. Of those ideas that surfaced, Hack Nation organically sprang forth from the desire to share the example set by Hack the CD with neighborhoods across the globe.

Hack Nation holds the vision of being a facilitator of change at the neighborhood level, a target base that separates it from most other organizations and efforts. As an entity that enacts human-centered design and approach, Hack Nation empowers resource-constrained communities to use their intellectual, ingenuitive, and skill-based wealth to change their realities.

Leveraging community assets is an identifiable theme in many of its programs. For example, the Africatown Seattle Entrepreneurs Meetup Group seeks to share knowledge and provide a productive environment for like-minded people to incubate ideas. Black Dot, a membership community for black entrepreneurs, is an example of an idea that came out of last year's Hack the CD event and has continued to thrive. Hack Nation has partnered with Black Dot to pilot Accelerate Africatown, a series of workshops and bootcamps throughout the year that help propel seed stage and existing businesses. The Seattle Black Music Summit is a yearly gathering of music-related artists that increases awareness of opportunities and strengthens the networks between creatives and potential collaborators. Hack Nation also now houses the Hack the CD conference under its umbrella of awesomeness.

Its programming is just a small glimpse into the potential Hack Nation has of bringing inclusive innovation to non-dominant populated neighborhoods. They are shifting the individual mindset to a collective prosperity for the community. Get ready for a Hack Nation event near you!

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