The recent killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Alva Braziel at the hands of law enforcement have served as somber reminders of the realities facing the Black community in America. These tragic events highlight the importance and necessity of change within our country and systems. Although the need may be apparent, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness. 

We, at BCIA, want to take this moment to remind our community that our power is still present and thriving in our collective commitment to strengthen ourselves by our own efforts. We are utilizing this moment of anguish to reassure our community that we are not helpless and change is ours to make.

Here are some local organizations and causes that are working toward strengthening our community: 

BlackOutWA- building Black political power at the state level, leading legislation around legal financial obligation reform, community review board and funding for the William Grose Cultural Innovation Center

YUIR/EPIC- fighting the construction and destruction of a $210 million dollar youth jail on 12th and Alder; redistributing $500k+ for Black-centered, community-owned organizing that will combat youth incarceration

BUILDconducting Walk in Talks at Seward Park.

Black Prisoners' Caucus- organizing men from behind the walls to be leaders in the outside community.

NAACP- pushing for the election of a Black King County prosecutor committed to prosecuting officers for misconduct. 

Not This Time- gathering signatures for statewide reform to change the law requiring malice to prosecute officers.

AfricaTown- connecting community members/ builders to opportunities to add their gifts/talents/skills towards making our village viable and vibrant, peaceful and safe. 

Justice Or Elseadvocating the Black Dollar Boycott. 


We share these, not only to spread awareness, but to connect assets to movements for those who haven't found a place where they can help bring about change. If you know of any other efforts, feel free to share.