SUPPORT – Bills & Budget Items that help to achieve greater racial equity for Black families.

  • Legal Financial Obligation Reform-HB 1390 (Goodman)

Burdensome legal financial obligations are an obstacle to criminal justice reform. Legal financial obligations (LFO) impact people of color and low income people who are overly represented in the criminal justice system. People with low incomes and people of color who do not have the ability to pay face the most punishment for failure to pay. This bill addresses barriers created by the legal financial obligations system, including high interest, assessment, community service alternatives, etc.

Lead Black Organizing Group: Black Prisoner’s Caucus

  • Second Chance Act (aka Parole in WA State)

Often referred to as the "New Jim Crow", the Prison Industrial Complex has resulted in the mass incarceration of black and brown bodies. If you are black in Washington State you are incarcerated at 6.4 times the rate of your white counterpart. We must de-carcerate Washington State. The Second Chance Act would create a racially equitable parole system that would allow for incarcerated family members to be review for release after a period of 15-20 years.

Lead Black Organizing Group: Black Prisoner’s Caucus

  • William Grose Cultural Innovation Center (formerly Firehouse #6)

Through the leadership of the Black Community Impact Alliance, we have a capital budget ask of $2.2. million dollars for the acquisition, development, launch and management of Fire House # 6, hereinafter referred to as the William Grose Center for Cultural Innovation Center. The Center would serve as both an innovation hub for cultural entrepreneurship and affordable housing developed to speak to the cultural and family needs of the Black community in Africatown Central District, Seattle.

Lead Black Organizing Group: Black Community Impact Alliance


DEVELOP - Bills & Budget items that Black communities are organizing and developing policy around.

  • Police Accountability

Through Black Lives Matter and intergenerational organizing for black liberation, the fight to curb state violence has drawn attention to police misconduct and the lack of police accountability—particularly as it disproportionately affects black Americans. This legislative session, the black youth, organizers and activists who have been in the streets and putting their bodies on the line to ensure police accountability will release a list of demands for WA State.

Lead Black Organizing Group: Ending the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC), All City Black Student Unions, Black Book Club & the decentralized leadership of black youth

  • Black Entrepreneurship & Growth

Even in the midst of 6 month battle with the City of Seattle, the owners, organizers and community who have been fighting the inequitable "crackdown on hookah lounges" led by Mayor Ed Murray and his administration are taking the fight to Olympia. #stopblaminghookahlounges will be pursing policy change not just to protect their businesses but to ensure that all black businesses will not have to suffer the racist patterns of over-surveillance, over-policing and over-correlating of violence to Black spaces.

Lead Black Organizing Group: #StopBlamingHookahLounges

  • Anti-Racist & African-centered Restorative Justice

Birthed out of the No New Youth Jail Campaign, Rainier Beach Restorative Justice is an anti-racist, African value centered, community based restorative justice practice model off of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) in California. Among many white led restorative justice practices, RBRJ recognized that a model must be developed that is connected to community, has goals of black liberation and is led by those most impact by the school to prison pipeline. This legislative session, RBRJP will work to ensure that black voices are included in the implementation of any state wide restorative justice policies and monitor any that are implemented. We will be using Rainier Beach Restorative Justice Network as our local anchor and best practice.

Lead Black Organizing Group: Rainier Beach Restorative Justice Project