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Setback at Africatown Innovation Center

Setback at Africatown Innovation Center

On March 26, 2016, emails and social media posts began to circulate regarding an attack on Africatown's edifice located along Martin Luther King Way S. and S. Alaska.

Post from Africatown Innovation Center's Facebook page.


The center, which provides programming and support for youth and families of African descent, was the target of burglary and vandalization. Computer chords were cut, anti-Black speech and threats were tagged on the walls and whiteboards, and electronic equipment was stolen.  Due to the damage of essential equipment and security concerns, the center was forced to suspend all after-school and summer programming until the space has been restored and new safety measures are employed.

Over 100 members of the community come together to support reconstructive efforts.

A community meeting was held on the 28th to plan the next steps for rebuilding. Despite this truly saddening setback, the team members at Africatown Innovation Center remain undeterred in their effort to continue working toward the betterment of the community.

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For more information on Africatown Innovation Center, visit their website or follow their Facebook page.